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The 5 Most Essential Summer Beauty Tips

Just as our skin needs some extra hydration and love in the winter, summer beckons its own beauty hacks. I mean, nothing ruins a perfect beach day faster than sun-parched skin, frizzy hair, and bleeding mascara. Of course, there's plenty to love about the sunshine, and we can absolutely use it to our advantage - That is, if you play your cards right! Read on to discover how you can make the best of the warm weather with healthy, glowing skin that'll ensure you're breezing through summer beautifully.

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What's the difference between Toner, Essence, Serum, and Lotion?

Whether you're into skincare fads or not, there's a good chance you're already aware of the 'Korean 10-Step Face Care Regimen.' If you haven't heard people raving about it yet, don't worry - I'm about to give you the full skinny on Korean skincare and why it's all the rage.

 While none of the steps are exactly rocket science, some of the products aren't so well-known and can be subject to misuse, like essences, for example. So without further ado, let's dive right in and explore some of the more elusive steps in the Korean regime.

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What is Face Oil? Learn why putting Oil on your face is actually a great idea.

Listen, we get it. The idea of putting oil on your face sounds terrifying and counterintuitive, but believe it or not, oil isn't the enemy. The truth is - Oils have kinda become all the rage in skincare lately and for good reasons! They play a tremendous part in keeping your skin hydrated and protected. Don't believe me? Here's a list of all the ways facial oil helps keep your skin happy, glowing, and youthful - Plus we explore how to use them and where you can find the right choice for your face.

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6 Step Skin Care Routine with Rovectin

Listen, we get it - Skincare routines are complicated. Not only do you have to choose what products to use, but then you're dealt the arduous task of figuring out what order to use them in. It's exhausting! Luckily for you, we've taken away some of the guesswork by creating the Rovectin Routine. This guide is a complete breakdown of everything you need to know so you can have the skin of your dreams!

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Hydration Vs. Moisturizing: Common Beauty Terms Explained

The beauty industry loves to throw complicated terms at consumers in order to make their products sound fancier than they are. Take hyaluronic acid, for example. The newly touted holy grail ingredient has been around for years—so why does it seem like it’s a brand new thing? Below we’re discussing some of the most commonly used beauty product terminology, and setting the record straight on some of its more confusing labels. We’re even going to tell you how often you should use certain products, because every type of product varies!

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This Easy Guide Will Show You How To Figure Out Your Skin Type

You’ve probably noticed that most skin care and beauty companies have products that are specified according to skin type. Would you be surprised to find out that most people don’t actually understand how to figure out their skin type?

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Why your skin needs Astaxanthin

How about if I told you that one of the most valuable opponents of free radicals known to humankind is also the stuff that gives flamingos and salmon their lovely pink hue? You might think this faddish beauty trend has zero legitimate value, but as it turns out, Astaxanthin holds up strong from both a health and beauty perspective.

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