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What is Face Toner? The Skincare Step You Should Include in Your Routine NOW!

Skin toner

Skin toner

I'm sure you can remember being 14 years old and praying to the complexion gods that applying a toner would magically make your acne disappear. Well, it might've worked for reducing the bumps, but it would also sting like crazy and suck all the moisture out of your skin. Not an ideal situation.

Welp, facial toner has made a big comeback in recent years, and it's redefining skincare routines left and right.

Ok, now before you go jumping to hasty conclusions - Toners aren't the outdated, alcohol-based nuisances they used to be and I'm determined to set the record straight on their bad reputation.

Toners these days have loads of incredible benefits including a reduction in pore size, restored pH balance, hydration, prevention of ingrown hairs and premature aging, revitalization, and added protection. Need I say more?


Key Ingredients in a Toner

Depending on the toner at hand, it can contain a mix of acids, glycerin, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents. So how do we decide which to use?

Choosing a toner is just like choosing any other skincare product - You have to make a selection based on your unique skin needs. For example, hyaluronic acid works wonders for all skin types, while glycerin is best saved for those with dryer skin.

For the best results, look for natural ingredients that support the condition of your skin without compromising its integrity.

Regardless of your skin situation, some ingredients you should steer clear from include alcohols, synthetic fragrances, high concentrations of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, parabens, and colorants.


How to Use a Toner

You wash, you moisturize, you call it a day - Right? Not exactly.

This routine may have worked alright in the past, but toning is an in-between skincare step that will be a total game-changer for your complexion. It prepares the skin for serums and moisturizers while removing anything the cleanser left behind (like last nights makeup).

Thankfully, using a toner is about as straightforward as it comes. After using a cleanser, soak a cotton pad with toner and gently swipe it on your face, neck, and chest. That's really all there is to it!

Take a moment to relish in how refreshed your face feels, and then go about with the rest of your skincare routine.

So now that you're sold on the necessity of a toner, it's time to find the right fit for your face!

The Rovectin Activating Treatment Lotion is a powerful blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Trehalose, Vitamin E, Amino Peptidase, Caffeine, and Tocopherol. These ingredients work together to soothe, moisturize, firm, soften, and reduce puffiness in all skin types. The best part - This product is super clean - meaning that it’s free of parabens, artificial colorants, artificial fragrances, and all other sketchy ingredients - and cruelty free and never tested on animals.

I mean, what more could you possibly want from a toner?