Don’t Trick, But Treat Your Skin Post-Halloween

“With great fun, comes great responsibility,” said Spiderman. Just kidding, he didn’t say that. Actually, Uncle Ben said something along those lines. Though we’re not quoting him exactly, he does have a point. After all that fun with makeup, costumes, hair-do, candies, goodies and treats – we really, really hope you don’t just go straight to bed without properly cleansing and caring for your skin. Waterproof makeup and Halloween makeup is a class of its own, so your daily skincare routine won’t cut it. Here are recommendations to ensure your skin still glows post-Halloween without special makeup or effects.



If you’ve had waterproof makeup on or extra layers of makeup on, we suggest this step AFTER using make up remover.

First Cleanse: Use our Clean Marine Micellar Deep Cleansing Water with cotton pad to wipe away grime and unclog pores. This will help increase the effectiveness of the double cleanse since your pores have been primed for a deeper cleanse to make sure no makeup residue is left.

Double Cleanse: With our Conditioning Cleanser, clean away the rest of grime, makeup and dirt accumulated throughout the day without stripping your skin of the good oils. As a slightly acidic cleanser, the point is to bring back balance to your skin’s natural protective barrier.



Wait, it’s not over yet, don’t go to bed just yet! Trust me, your skin will thank you deeply if you press on. After double cleansing, be sure to tone and boost your skin.

Tone: Our Lotus Water Calming Toner would be an exceptional fit especially for post-Halloween skincare. Not only does it soothe your skin, but it’s remarkable at absorbing toxins out of your skin while replenishing your skin’s lost moisture. Packed with 7 layers of hyaluronic acid, it will hydrate layer by layer.

Boost: Your skin probably went through quite a bit with the Halloween festivities, so give it some extra love with the LHA Blemish Ampoule – it is possible that a zit or two may start forming after all those candies and treats. If so, spot target this ampoule on those forming zits to nip it in the bud. Or just apply a few drops of this ampoule all over your face to rejuvenate your skin.



I promise we’re almost done. Good skincare takes diligence.

Moisturize: Add an extra layer of moisture by applying a cream or a moisturizer of your choice to smoothen out and soften your skin with instant hydration. Our suggestions are the best selling Lotus Water Cream or the Barrier Repair Cream Concentrate if you need deeper moisturization. The key here is to help enhance moisture retention also because we are entering into the colder, windier months.



Finally, to retain that healthy glow so that others won’t even know that you had Halloween makeup on the day before.

Lock in: Top if off with our liquid gold – Barrier Repair Face Oil to seal your post Halloween skincare routine. Packed with neroli oil and skin nourishment, let this face oil bring out the glow even when you’re makeup free.


And now, you may call it a day.