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About Us

How Our Journey Began

“To return back to where it was” is what reverti means in Latin and is also where our meaningful name, Rovectin, originated from. At core, Rovectin is rooted in love and in resilience. 

Nearly all of us have been touched by cancer, whether it be within our close or distant circles. Rovectin began when a brother simply wanted to help his sister restore her severely damaged skin from chemotherapy. Anti-irritant Barrier Repair Ultra Cream was developed to tackle the most common side-effects such as extreme dryness and skin barrier deterioration from cancer treatment. 

Almost instantly, with its exclusive formula - Rovectin Repair Complex™,  Rovectin became the most trusted skincare brand among patients, dermatologists and hospitals across Korea. Rovectin grew into a simple but vibrant brand focused on developing high quality skincare products with restorative qualities and ingredients inspired by nature

All so that you can radiate confidence and revert to beautiful, natural you

We Believe...

Confident and Comfortable in your own skin

You face the world every day – feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin should not be complicated. With Rovectin, experience simple, safe and effective skincare ready to take on any day with you. Clear skin, healthy mind and a strong heart, refresh and relaunch everyday with us. 

Skincare is a Journey

True and long-lasting transformation takes time, effort and diligence. Skincare is selfcare, and is a lifelong journey, so why even entertain quick-fixes with harsh ingredients? Slowly but surely, let our cleansers, creams, lotions and oils revitalize your skin and go deep beyond the surface. 

Ingredients Matter

Whether you have sensitive to super sensitive, dry or oily, combo or acne-prone skin - “Clean  Like You” is our promise to help you achieve healthy, natural skin. OUT with unnecessary additives and IN with only essential ingredients is our guide when formulating products. We’ll never stop learning from YOU to continue developing skincare safe for all to experience restoration.