Customer Reviews and Testimonies

For Our Activating Treatment Lotion

 I Love This Product!
This was highly recommended by Director Pi. It has safe ingredients, no bad chemicals. I use it daily before the moisturizer. Also I use it for hydration mask-wet cotton pad and leave it on for 10 minutes. My skin is calm and very soft/ feels very moisturize!"

 This Product Significantly Lightened My Skin.
"I have combination/oily skin and this product has helped keep my skin hydrated, and does not make me break out. I will order this product again. The only weird thing about this product is that it acts as a gel for you hair (hardens strands of hair). So, make sure your hair is out of the way when applying."

 I Love the Water Gel-like Texture.
"I used cotton pads to apply this lotion to tone my skin before the repair creme from Rovectin. It gives a moisture shield on my skin with feeling of slight lifting. I also tried after cooling this lotion and it was perfectly calming and soothing especially in the extremely dry weather. I would definitely buy it again!"

 The One to Rule Them All! 
I'm done with other brands. This is it for me. Pairing this essence with the Rovectin Skin Barrier moisturizer.... nothing compares. It's not just the ingredients but the formulation is brilliant. It feels thick when you first apply, but as you massage it in it becomes one with your skin. I am oily, and this has helped contribute to smaller pores as my skin is now fully hydrated and it adds constant glow and firmness. The soulmate to skin! And so affordable. Make sure you try this!"

 Noticeable Improvement in Skintone and Wrinkles.
"It says a treatment lotion, but I really just use this as a toner and essence replacement. I've been applying twice daily - once in the morning and once at night - right after washing my face. I first felt the difference in my skin tone in a couple weeks, and my colleagues started asking how I got rid of my wrinkles (someone even asked me if I had botox treatment) after a month."

 My Go-to Toner. 
"Found out about this toner through Director Pi on YouTube, who deeply cares about the ingredients in cosmetics / makeup and stresses that we all must do a 'Cosmetics Diet' (meaning, only putting on 1-3 products on your face at a maximum). This is an essence like toner so I have been only using this product only during the day since it's the summer now and use it at night with a cica or a moisturizing cream. I have sensitive skin so ingredients are important to me and I have not had any breakouts from this product after using it for 3 months now. It has lots of beneficial ingredients and has no fragrance. A must buy for sure!"

Review of Our Cica Care Balm

Simply Fabulous. 
"Hands down all time fave now!! I have a combo skin both dry and oily, also extremely sensitive to change in product and life patterns. I’ve been using Blackmores Vitamin E Cream for quite a long time, a not-so-bad quality per se but more due to the fear that it’ll cause another severe irritation :( I was also getting a bit annoyed by the steroid cream kind of smell when a friend recommended Rovectin Cica Balm to me. I started using it from my neck and hands just to make sure this goes well with me and voila! I immediately fell in love with the creamy yet fresh texture and putting on face for a few weeks now it has completely taken my sensitive skin without any drawback plus unexpected kudos - delicate smell of Spring I may say :) I really enjoy using this product, so try it, it may work perfectly for you too!"

Seriously Calming When I Have Seriously Sensitive Breakouts. 
"Been trying this for two weeks. Use it instead of the serum for my day routine along with the Rovectin face oil that I've been using for the last two months or so. I like this one better than the serum when my face is super dry or uber sensitive with red breakouts. Feels more soothing and richer. I'll keep this one for break emergency day routines or really dry days to use with the face oil."

Works Great with All Skin Types (and smells great!)
"As a guy in my 20s, there are few skin care products that I've tried and loved. Rovectin CICA is definitely one of them. It has a light cream texture that leaves no residue (no oily look on your face directly after applying) and leaves your skin feeling really soft. Plus, the smell is amazing so it's always a pleasure to put it on. I've only been using it for a couple of weeks but can already see me reordering this next month."

Lightweight Balm
"Love this! I really appreciate how this products gets absorbed in skin without making it look oily. Perfect for my sensitive oily combo skin."

It's Just Amazing!
"I wanted to wait to see how it reacts to my skin for 10 days before leaving a review on it. I initially recommended by a friend of mine who knows I have very sensitive skin. After using it for 10 days, I was able to see the changes on my skin immediately. It really worked well. My skin feels so hydrated and I hardly felt the dryness on my face. I would definitely recommend it to others!"

Reviews for our Barrier Face Oil

Two Thumbs Up. Way Up.
"This winter was awful. I had several 5-alarm rosacea flares, the last of which was so bad, I scheduled a dermatology appt. I came home with $450 in prescriptions, hopeful that I was on the mend. If only. One of prescriptions irritated my skin so much I felt like I had red ants all over my face. One night after wailing to my sister about how I couldn't take it anymore, she sent me a blog post on how to heal my skin barrier. This product was mentioned. I had never heard of Rovectin and it didn't have very many reviews, but I ordered it anyway. I'm so glad I did. --- It soothed my skin enough that I could apply the prescriptions. I'm not going to say that this oil is what fixed my complexion, but it sure helped. I credit it with repairing my skin barrier (and the prescriptions for improving rosacea). My sister tells me my face glows - so much so that she has now hopped onto the Rovectin train."

True Quality!
"I've been using this for a few weeks now and this is one of the most amazing skin products I've used. I have sensitive skin which makes it often difficult for me to ease into a facial product but this oil worked from day one. It's hydrating without making your skin oily. Skin is left with a healthy glow and looking radiant. I will often just tone and oil, and that works perfectly fine as well. I've used various oils ranging all price points, and I would rank this oil on par with $110 / 30 mil type product had I tried this as a blind test."

Gotta' Give It a Try
"Reviews were great so I decided to try this oil as a cheaper alternative to Herbivore. I have acne prone oily skin and this facial has been AMAZING! It hydrates my skin which has balanced my skin noticeably, its fast absorbing and non sticky. I've been very impressed so I bought additional products from this company."

"This stuff is fantastic. Great quality for the price. This product line is better than anything out there. For any skin type. Highly recommend."

This Oil is Amazing
"I don’t prefer using oil because it is too oily or sticky and sometimes it causes trouble on my skin. But this is different and special. I feel like i am using thick and fully moisturized cream with a very neat and clean feeling.My skin looks a lot better after I have used this oil. I love it. I highly recommend!!!!"

Perfect for Both Sensitive and Dry Skins
"My wife and I have been using this face oil after cleansing every night for the last two weeks. We've previously had different skin issues but both had great experiences with this one - it feels perfectly balanced right after applying, not too watery or oily, and we really felt our faces were hydrated in the morning. Clearly works for both sensitive and dry skins!"

Review for Our Face & Body Cream

Works for All Skin Types. Great Customer Service
"I began using this product long before it was sold on Amazon. While I was visiting Korea, dermatologist recommended this product. If you don’t know already, Korean beauty products are very well known. I have sensitive skin. If I used oil free moisturizer, I didn’t get breakouts but my skin felt dry. If I used more moisturizing products, my skin felt more moisturized but I got breakouts occasionally. This product is very moisturizing without giving breakouts. It is sold by 3rd party seller in Korea but their customer service was no different than buying it under Amazon Prime. And far better than USA 3rd party seller. Hopefully, they will maintain same customer service."

If You Have Eczema Buy It NOW
"I have severe eczema... This is the best moisturizing lotion I've ever used! Most lotions are either too oily, and cause me to itch, or their absorbed too quickly and feel dry or burn within minutes. This is a clean, balanced, wonderful mix of blessing in a bottle!!! Just try it... You've probably spent more on crap that didn't help! ...You'll thank me..."

One of the Best Lotions on the Market
"I've used various lotions ranging all price points, and I would say this is on par with Kiehl's ultra-hydration lotion yet less than half the price. I've been using this for a few months now and this is one of the most amazing skin products I've used. I have sensitive skin which makes it often difficult for me to ease into a facial product but this oil worked from day one. It's hydrating without making your skin oily. Skin is left with a healthy glow and looking radiant."

Rovectin You ROVECTIN You
As a male customer in his 30s who hates lotions and beauty products, there are unavoidable times such as a winter morning where your face starts cracking if you walk out after a shower without putting any lotion on the face. Usually what happens is I put a drop or two of a lotion i have in house, spread it on my palm and apply to my facial area. that amount usually is successfully functional until I walk to my car. I just deal with the sour face after that. A drop or two, ok to be more honest maybe 4-5 drops? works like a charm for about 4-5 hours, keeps your face hydrated without that gross oily feel on the face. Love how lightly prolonging how this moisturizes wherever you apply."

The Last Moisturizer You Will Ever Need
"I started using the essence, but pairing it with this cream changed everything! I am oily skin and this keeps my skin at the perfect balance. I'm dewy but not greasy. And my skin is plumped and firm, almost like having new skin! I have acne scars (pitting) and this truly seems to have been the last thing i needed to begin to erase texture! Do yourself a favor and just buy this. Such a good value for the amount, and the ingredients are the best on the market. Very hydrating but not heavy consistency, more like an emulsion. NO frills, just incredible formulation."

You'll Only Need One Moisturizer for the Whole Family!
"I heard good things about this product and wanted to try it out myself. The cream has a rich texture and once applied to the skin, kept it moisturized for a long time. I liked it so much I had my husband try it as well. Because of his occupation, he can't wear any fragrances and the good thing is that this moisturizer has no fragrance. Plus, he likes it because it is less oily than the other products. It is also good for our 8-month old baby!"