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Introducing New Look of Activating Treatment Lotion.

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It’s a fantastic cream. My skin looks wonderful, very hydrated, younger. I really love it. Now it’s essential in my daily skin routine.

Hyaluronic Essence is a game changer. It provides the skin with needed moisture and leaves a smooth texture.

After using Rovectin Conditioning Cleanser, my face feels soft and very clear. So affordable and I love it.

Our Philosophy

Safe. Pure. Simple. Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. Our hypoallergenic, only the essential skincare products strengthen skin’s natural barrier and restore damaged skin.


Clean Forever Young Biome Ampoule - Rovectin Skin Essentials

Our Story

“To return back to where it was” is what reverti means in Latin and is also where our meaningful name, Rovectin, originated from. At core, Rovectin is rooted in love and in resilience.

Our Routine

Unsure where to start? Answer some questions to be matched with your perfect routine!

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