Lotus Water Toner & Cream Set ($44 Value)

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Lotus water extract, which makes up 75% of content, has a remarkable ability to self-purify. Though rooted in mud, the lotus flower blooms gracefully due to its special ability to self-purify and cleanse.


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1. Lotus Water Calming Toner (200ml): An extra calming toner soothes skin with Lotus flower extract and self-purifying features. It helps retain ideal moisture for balanced skin through 7 layers of hyaluronic acid and xylitol.

2. Lotus Water Cream (60ml): Rovectin Clean Lotus Water Cream is a gentle moisturizer that enhances the look and hydrates your skin with only clean ingredients sourced from nature for sensitive and dry skin.

With high content of lotus flower extract, Rovectin Clean Lotus Water Kit purifies skin from fine dust and harmful pollutants with its self-purifying features and absorbs damaging toxins out of your skin for a clearer and cleaner complexion. 

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