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Article: Benefits of Lotus Flower and Why You’re Seeing It Everywhere

Benefits of Lotus Flower and Why You’re Seeing It Everywhere

Benefits of Lotus Flower and Why You’re Seeing It Everywhere

Lotus Flower Extract or Lotus Water – is it really worth the hype? Short answer is yes. Now, for the long answer, read on! Here’s why the lotus flower is the latest breakout star in skincare (pun intended).


This post is to share general knowledge and information. It should not be used as a replacement for professional diagnosis and treatment. Remember to always consult your healthcare provider before making any health-related decisions, counseling, guidance and treatment for a specific medical or skin condition.



“Nelumbo Nucifera” is what you’ll see on ingredient labels. As you get to know more about this magnificent flower, it’s no wonder this flower is considered sacred in some cultures. Lotus flower has the ability to self-purify and self-cleanse. It blooms gracefully above mud and murky waters. Lotus flower is truly a symbol of resilience and restoration – something skincare and selfcare is all about.


Restorative and Toxin Absorbing

Harnessing the lotus flower’s ability to self-purify, lotus flower extract helps absorb toxins out of your skin to reveal a clear and clean complexion. Check out our Lotus Water Calming Toner - precisely do this for your skin! For instant soothe, there is nothing better than our Lotus Water Calming Sheet Mask.


Packed with Antioxidants

Lotus flower contains “Kaempferol,” a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from damage caused by free radicals. Kaempferol acts as a skin conditioner to help regulate and balance your skin. According to this study, Kaempferol was found to have the highest level of antioxidant activity among 35 types of flavonoids.


Instant Moisture

You’ll notice numerous moisturizers these days turn to lotus flower to offer instant hydration. Nelumbo nucifera not only extracts toxins out of your skin, but also replenishes it with moisture. That’s how you get clear supple skin. Since it is a plant-based ingredient, the lotus flower extract is exceptionally gentle and effective. That was our cue to develop our 100% vegan Lotus Water Cream with our super sensitive skin friends in mind.


Soothing and Anti-inflammatory

Numerous studies attest to the lotus flower’s anti-inflammatory properties. Many parts of lotus flower has long been used in natural and herbal medicine to treat for inflammation and healing of wounds. In skincare, lotus flower extract works intensively to sooth irritation and redness. Once again, alluding back to this sacred flower’s ability to restore.


Convinced yet? If not… welp, you just gotta try it!


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