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Article: Earth Month: Importance of Eco-friendly Skincare

Earth Month: Importance of Eco-friendly Skincare

Earth Month: Importance of Eco-friendly Skincare

Every April, we put our magnificent yet fragile planet in the limelight. Celebrations and interactive activities are held across the globe to celebrate the splendor and beauty of Mother Nature. However, as April ends, our commitment to a greener and thriving planet wavers – out of sight, out of mind, you know? So here's the thing; shouldn't we be practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle each day of every month? Definitely acknowledge that it’s easier said than done.

Though it may seem minor, a practical and impactful area we can make adjustments to is our daily skin care routine. Before we dive into how we can make the healthier choice for both our skin and our beloved planet, let’s take a small detour to learn a little more about the significance of the approaching Earth Day.

What is Earth Day?

We celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd every year and this all started back in the 1960s. During this period, Americans were becoming increasingly aware of the disastrous effects of pollution on the environment.

In 1962, Rachel Carson's bestseller Silent Spring brought the dangerous effects of pesticides in the spotlight. A couple of years later, a fire on Cleveland's Cuyahoga River (1969) got people's attention on the issue of dumping toxic waste into nearby streams. The elected U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson reached out to higher authorities and brought environmental risks to their attention. He also introduced the idea for Earth Day and by the spring of 1970, Earth Day became “official.”

Skin Care and Earth Care

Even with skincare, we are seeing more and more consumers willing to pay additional costs for sustainable skincare products. Eco-friendly and sustainable products are becoming higher in demand and this is a trend we wholeheartedly support (and want it to stay that way). The benefits of choosing eco-friendly skincare products are countless! We already know that harsh chemicals like parabens and petrochemicals lead to severe health issues. Synthetic products contain chemicals that can harm your skin, contaminate the air and water.

Let’s Do This Together: Earth Month Action Plan

A green skincare routine can easily be a part of our lifestyle change. Pay attention to the packaging materials, ingredients present in your favorite products and check the carbon footprint as well.

At Rovectin, we are diligently moving to greener, more sustainable ways to reduce waste and encourage recycling behaviors while using our products. Our CLEAN Collection is at the forefront of our green products using biodegradable packaging, minimal printing on products, removable labels and plant-based ink.

Here are some green and clean skincare routine tips we can practice whole year!

  • Look for eco-friendly products and packaging to reduce waste.

  • If your skincare products’ container boasts an imprint of the number 1, 2, or 5 within a triangle, this means this empty bottle is recyclable.

  • Don’t leave the water running while you put on skincare products.

    Aside from having a green skincare routine, you can also support organizations putting effort into caring for our planet. If you want to learn more, visit for research and even more ways we can put into action. 

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