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Article: Pilling Makeup? No Thank You!

Pilling Makeup? No Thank You!

Pilling Makeup? No Thank You!

Bad hair day? Yeah, we have those too. Pilling makeup? Worst day ever. Any of these situations can derail an entire day. If you have both at the same time? K, bye. So we can’t help you with bad hair, but we can make some suggestions to prevent makeup from caking up or pilling.

Exfoliate – but in moderation

Pilling occurs when your skin is dry and there is a buildup of dead skin cells. Flaky skin causes makeup to roll up and reduce absorption. The solution to this is to make sure you exfoliate before putting on makeup.

Some may use a facial scrub as part of your skincare routine, but it is important to note that there is such thing as too much exfoliation. So be sure to exfoliate in moderation if you use a facial scrub. Perhaps opt for a gentler scrub to prevent over-irritation.

Double cleansing as part of your daily routine is effective as well. Most times, the first product in double cleansing helps lift off dirt and unclog pores. Check out our Marine Micellar Deep Cleansing Water that gets the job done AND ensures you don’t lose too much moisture. The second cleanse is usually a water-based cleanser to further clear out your pores and to help exfoliate remaining debris or dirt in your skin. Opt for a cleanser that doesn’t dry you out because feeling squeaky clean after a cleanse isn’t a good thing. A low-pH, hydrating cleanser like our Conditioning Cleanser washes away daily grime without stripping your skin.

Timing is Key

Layering on makeup products without waiting for the first layer to dry out can cause pilling and roll up. Try to take your time in-between products. Waiting for a minute to a minute and half will be helpful because you’d want your product to be fully absorbed before you put on another layer. Maybe put on some background music, look out the window for a bit, do some light stretches while waiting for makeup to dry – there’s a lot you can still do to fill your time while waiting for each layer to settle into your skin. Putting on makeup can feel like a chore, but perhaps we can shift our perspective and try to carve out this time as selfcare.

Keep it Simple

Ever heard of less is more? Unless there’s a specific theme or you’re going for that smokey eye look, keeping it simple is best when it comes to makeup. Putting on too much products can also cause cakey-ness or pilling. That goes for moisturizers and serums too. While these skin-enhancing products are meant to give your skin a boost, putting on an excessive amount can also lead to pilling. If you really want to lather on moisturizer for the drier months, wait it out even longer to make sure your skin fully absorbed it before putting on makeup.

Lightest to Heaviest

Makeup is an artistry and there isn’t a one size fit all, but there is a structure and order to skincare layering for best results. We start with lighter, water-based products before moving unto heavier cream and oil-based product. If you don’t have a skincare routine down yet, check out this post as a starting point.

Ingredients – take a closer look

If you’ve done all the things above and still experience pilling – let’s take a look at the makeup products you’re using. In fact, some ingredients don’t play well together. One way to find out is to review the ingredient list or to test the products one by one. For example, silicone-based products such as makeup primers or moisturizers do not mesh well with water-based products. It’s best to pair products with a similar base-ingredient.


Here’s hoping you never have to experience pilling makeup ever again!

Always remember though, you’re already beautiful with or without make up.



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