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Article: Enlarged Pores – how to embrace pores but also do something about it

Enlarged Pores – how to embrace pores but also do something about it

Enlarged Pores – how to embrace pores but also do something about it

First of all – don’t panic. 100% sure that we all got pores, some small, some more prominent. Mostly genetic but there are still ways to make our pores clean and clear. Certain habits, environments or once again genetics, contribute to enlarged pores, so let’s pore over this together *pun intended*.



Just as some ingredients are more effective in treating acne and blemish, there are active ingredients that are particularly effective in refining pores and controlling sebum (one of the key culprits of enlarged pores).


Tannin Complex

Tannin complex is a type of polyphenol known to aid with refining pores and is packed with antioxidants. Often found in green tea, grapes and chestnuts, tannin complex is also anti-inflammatory, making it extra helpful in reducing enlarged pores.

Charcoal Powder

Often touted for its terrific filtrating and purifying properties, charcoal powder is seen as a natural purificator. Built with a fine porous structure, charcoal powder efficiently extracts impurities and sebum out of clogged pores. 

Tea Tree Leaf Extract

Enlarged pores and skin affected by blemish take longer to regenerate. To prevent further enlarged and clogged pores, managing outbreaks and reducing skin blemish through potent anti-inflammatory ingredients would be wise.  

Historically, tea tree is a well-known and commonly used ingredient to help heal wounds and prevent infection. With its anti-bacterial property, tea tree leaf extract is a perfect fit to treat acne-prone, trouble-prone skin. Plus, did you know it also has a soothing effect? Definitely a jack of all trades kinda ingredient!

Birch Tree Extract

We all know lack of moisture in our skin causes the loss of elasticity. Rich in amino acids and minerals, birch tree extract is a powerful force in moisture retention and collagen production – and that is how healthy, dewy skin is achieved.

Lucky for you – our newest DR MASK PORE contains all these key ingredients to help reduce enlarged pores and control sebum. It is indeed the porefect mask for your pore concerns!

Active ingredients are:

Tannin Complex - 8 plant-based extracts effectively reduce enlarged pores and excessive sebum.

Charcoal Powder - Absorbs skin impurities and aids in sebum control.

Tea Tree Leaf Extract - Gently calms skin irritation and is an excellent anti-inflammation.

Birch Tree Extract - With a similar structure to natural moisturizing factors (amino acid, salt, peptide, organic acid); helps maintain moisture balance for the skin.



So we’ve talked about the key skincare ingredients for our pores, now what are some daily habits that we need to look out for?


Sunscreen Everyday

Yep, every day, 365 days, all year round. Rain or shine, make it a habit to put on sunscreen every day. Though the sun feels good and gives us our much needed vitamin D. It does more harm than good to our skin when we face it bare. Ultraviolet light from the sun negatively impacts skin’s elasticity which can lead to premature aging and also enlarged pores.

Gentle But Thorough Cleanse

When we say thorough, it doesn’t mean you scrub your skin down to squeaky clean. In fact, some oils are good for the skin, so opt for cleansers that cleanse away grime and dirt without stripping away the good oils from your skin. Ever heard of double cleansing? Double cleansing is an effective way to ensure dead skin cells are cleared away and pores are unclogged. Be sure your cleansers are not too harsh for your skin!

Hydration Inside Out

Make sure to include extra hydrating skincare products to help replenish lost moisture throughout the day. Another way to stay hydrated is to simply drink water, consume water-rich fruits or foods so you’re glowing inside out! Taking collagen supplements as advised can be helpful as well.


To wrap up, don’t panic, we all got pore-blems, start somewhere and you will notice progress. Skincare is a commitment and a journey, it cannot be rushed.  

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