Essential Summer Skincare Tips

Just as our skin needs some extra hydration and love in the winter, summer beckons its own beauty hacks. I mean, nothing ruins a perfect beach day faster than sun-parched skin, frizzy hair, and bleeding mascara. Of course, there's plenty to love about the sunshine, and we can absolutely use it to our advantage - That is, if you play your cards right! Read on to discover how you can make the best of the warm weather with healthy, glowing skin that'll ensure you're breezing through summer beautifully.

The 5 Most Essential Summer Beauty Tips:

1.      Stay Hydrated!

Summer is a time to drink up, and no, we're not talking about margaritas or buckets of beer. Sure, it's fun to get loose and have a good time, but your skin will thank you for swapping out the booze with some good ol' H20. Warm weather means more sweating, which causes our microscopic cells to lose water. I know it doesn't sound like a huge deal, but when our cells lose water, our skin suffers, and we run the risk of dehydration - That'll surely put a damper on your day!

On top of H20 for your body, your skin's thirst can be quenched through our Aqua Enriched Collection - totally built for hydration and enhancing moisture for your even through the summer months!  

2.      Wear The Right Sunscreen

Baking in the sun without protection is so early 2000's - It's time to step up your game and make sure your skin is taken care of when you're spending time in the sun. That doesn't mean you should just lather on any old sunscreen - Find something that won't clog your pores and contains an adequate SPF level to suit the needs of your skin type. We all know the terrible things that can happen when you neglect sunscreen and believe me, prevention is better than cure!

3.      Indulge In Sun-Friendly Foods

Lycopene is our skin's natural SPF, and believe it or not, some foods can actually increase this in our body (some by as much as 33%!). Tomatoes, along with other orange and red fruits and vegetables, are the best sources of this sun-fighting power. Need an extra excuse to have some chocolate? Well, I've got big news for you - Dark chocolate is packed with flavonoids which help protect against sun damage!

4.      Give Your Skin Some Post-Sun TLC

Alright, you've had your fun in the sun, and now it's time to rejuvenate and give your skin the love it deserves. Seeking some shade will encourage a healthier, longer-lasting tan, and your skin will be far less likely to burn. When it's time to head inside, treat your glowing complexion to some cooling aloe vera. This powerhouse plant brings a hearty dose of moisture, which soothes inflammation and deeply nourishes.

Check out some of Rovectin's skin-enhancing products to give your skin extra love and nutrition as part of your aftercare routine. 

We've also got all the range in facial mask to help your skin recover quickly from outdoor activities - take your pick here!

5.      Keep Your Makeup Minimal

Eyeshadow that's melted into the eyelid creases and mascara giving off raccoon vibes isn't a good look on anyone. Avoid this fatal beauty faux pas by using a primer! It'll keep your makeup in place on even the most unbearably hot and humid summer days. You could also try some waterproof mascara, or go the au naturale route and skip the makeup altogether! Whatever you do, bear in mind that an elaborate cat eye doesn't go well with sunscreen and a dip in the ocean!

Make up removal is made easy and earth friendly with our vegan cleansing water, Marine Micellar Deep Cleansing Water. Get a thorough cleanse before jumping into that pool, lake or ocean. Having fun while still being mindful of our ecosystem is a definite win-win. (Psssst.. waterproof make up may need an additional makeup remover.)


Here's hoping you have a FABULOUS summer!