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Article: Inspired by You and Nature: Flowers and Plants

Inspired by You and Nature: Flowers and Plants

Inspired by You and Nature: Flowers and Plants

By now, it’s pretty clear we’re really into nature – clean beauty, vegan formula, ecofriendly, natural ingredients are common words you’ll find in our vocabulary. Everyday we’re inspired and in awe of nature. In this blog post on our Inspired by You and Nature series, we are focusing on flowers and plants. We are transparent about our active ingredients, so for those who would like to know deeper and further, ingredients are listed in detail on each product page.

When you explore various brands of clean beauty, be sure to pay attention to the natural ingredients used. We all have the right to know what we put on our face, don’t we? So here, we’ve round up the main flowers and plants we use for our products. Let’s dig in (to the soil)!


This post is to share general knowledge and information. It should not be used as a replacement for professional diagnosis and treatment. Remember to always consult your healthcare provider before making any health-related decisions, counseling, guidance and treatment for a specific medical or skin condition.


Aquaxyl – Birch Tree

 You’ll find this ingredient in our Lotus Water Cream. Aquaxyl is known to be a moisture “magnet” and is extracted from birch trees. The interesting thing is birch trees grow in damp regions and have a natural ability to retain water. That’s where aquaxyl gets its super power of optimizing skin’s hydrous flow by hydrating skin from the inside out layer by layer. Aquaxyl also reinforces skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF) to keep your skin moisturized to prevent dryness or dehydration.

Isn’t it fascinating how ingredients from nature and natural abilities in our bodies work so well together? No wonder this key ingredient is integral in our collection for extra sensitive skin.


Bisabolol – German Chamomile

Something about this name just makes it funny, try saying it – BI-SA-BO-LOL, bisabolol. Probably pronouncing it wrong, but look at it though, don’t these flowers make you feel bolol or lol? Lol. They are little flowers with mighty properties! You’ll find this active ingredient in our Aqua Concentrate. German Chamomile helps soothe your skin with anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s a flower that fights for you as well with its anti-microbial properties.

Additionally, they are a delightful sight as these flowers could transform any space to exude a cozy rustic vibe. Apparently, bisabolol has been used in skincare for over hundreds of years especially for its healing properties. Lastly, chamomile tea – Mmmmm… Nothing goes to waste with bisabolol.


Centella Asiatica – Asiatic Pennywort

This active ingredient is used in our super popular Conditioning Cleanser and our secret sauce to supple skin Cica Care Sleeping Pack. Similar to bisabolol, this natural ingredient has been around for a long time, like since 1800s long. Used as medicinal herb to treat diarrhea and female issues, asiatic pennywort’s calming and healing effect is well known. Today, some cultures even use centella asiatica as an ingredient for immune-boosting health tonic.

Now when centella asiatica is used as a skincare product, here’s what it does: calm inflammation, speed up healing and stimulate new cell growth. Asiatic pennywort does this by boosting collagen and strengthening the skin. Our ancestors sure knew what they were doing by utilizing centella asiatica for multiple purposes!


Citrus Aurantium - Bitter Orange Flower aka Neroli

Once again this natural ingredient has been around for a while and was renown especially across Europe. Bitter orange flower has multiple uses as well. You’ll find this active ingredient in THREE of our products: Barrier Repair Face Oil and Barrier Repair Multi Oil as neroli oil, LHA Blemish Ampoule as neroli flower water. Neroli acts as a natural antiseptic and helps accelerate the process of clearing acne and blemishes. More importantly, bitter orange flower extract promotes a healthy glow through deep hydration. Ain’t so bitter anymore huh?

For a closer look into this popular active ingredient, we’ll pull up an oldie but a goodie – a previous post on why the (in)famous Marie Antoinette loved neroli oil . You’ll understand why bitter orange was simply irresistible.


Eclipta Prostrata – False Daisy

Had to do a double take with that name, like is this real? Yep, Googled it and it’s right. This active ingredient is found in our dry season must-have Barrier Repair Face & Body Cream. Another ancient ingredient that has been used for thousands of years, most loved for its benefits on skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema. Despite its name, it’s a true gem with its soothing effect.

Similar to centella asiatica, eclipta prostrata was widely used to vitalize health internally and to promote healthy hair growth. In terms of skincare, false daisy extract serves as an antioxidant to revitalize skin and at the same time, calm flare ups. This is why it works so well as part of our Face & Body Cream, which is one of our favorites during the dry season and safe to use for the whole family across all ages.


Houttuynia Cordata – Chameleon Plant

No chameleons were harmed in the process of developing our Cica Care Toner, which is where you’ll find chameleon plant extracts. Aside from its interesting name, houttuynia cordata has a long history of being used in traditional Asian medicine. The chameleon plant is special because it has an exceptionally high amount of polyphenolic flavonoids that are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Furthermore, polyphenols are potent compounds high in antioxidant activity.

Our Cica Care Collection is commonly known as the SOS set – to quickly diffuse irritations and breakouts. Chameleon plant extract plays a pivotal role in blocking out toxins and rapidly soothing skin flare-ups as you apply the Cica Care Toner. It’s almost like detox for your skin! Honestly, this has been our go-to these days for those pesky mask-ne..


Nelumbo Nucifera – Lotus Flower

Sometimes called the “sacred lotus,” the lotus flower is truly remarkable. Did you know that the lotus flower self-purifies and self-cleanses? That’s how this flower rises above the mud and murky waters where it’s planted, to bloom gracefully. You’ll find lotus flower extract in our Aqua Concentrate and lotus flower water extract in our Lotus Water Cream. Both products are fantastic for hydration and moisturization.  

Not only is this flower an exceptional beauty, but its self-cleansing and self-purifying features help absorb damaging toxins out of your skin to reveal a clearer and brighter complexion. Our Lotus Water Cream contains high contents of lotus water extract (75% to be exact) to not only help boost moisture but also to prevent breakouts. Since nelumbo nucifera is so gentle, but so amazingly effective – this makes it the perfect ingredient to aid our friends who have extra sensitive skin. Moreover, Kaempferol extracted from lotus flower is a powerful and well-known antioxidant that helps restore balance. Truly, the lotus flower is a symbol of resilience and restoration.


We hope this was a helpful round-up of natural ingredients seen in our products. Have fun as you mix and match different products within the same brand or across brands! We salute your commitment to your skin and to clean beauty! We’ll keep sharing useful and helpful information – stay tuned.





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